What is CBT ?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy based on the here and now, whilst taking into account any past experiences that may have influenced the way we react to situations.   The notion is that our emotions, physical reactions and behaviours are influenced by our thoughts, beliefs and interpretation of specific situations.


Furthermore CBT proposes that an individual’s problem(s) are influenced by negative beliefs.  CBT helps us to identify and to alter negative thoughts which in turn have a positive effect on changing behaviours and improving the way you feel.


CBT is a goal orientated and pro-active approach that gives the client a very active role in their treatment.  For instance, tasks are often set in-between sessions aiming to practice the therapeutic interventions and these are also reflected upon in the sessions.

CBT maintenance cycle. Thought, Emotion,Behaviour

CBT treatment is normally short term and the sessions are weekly appointments lasting 50 minutes.


Collaboratively with the therapist you will explore what your problem(s) are and develop a plan for tackling them.  The total numbers of sessions needed are reviewed during therapy between the client and the therapist.

Through the use of a wide range of techniques, CBT can help you to generally cope better.  You will learn strategies that you will be able to use whenever you need to.  Moreover, you may find them helpful long after therapy has ended.

Our Approach

We are aware that everyone is different and no two people’s needs are the same.  Our approachable therapist will tailor the therapy according to your individual needs. We deliver CBT in accordance with the NICE (National Institute of Health and Care excellence) guidelines.

We strongly believe that therapy can work alongside medication, however medication alone is not always the answer.  Talking therapies such as CBT can be very effective in treating people exhibiting a wide range of difficulties.

Our primary aim is to help people with their problem(s) by delivering CBT in the first instance.    

Here at Inspiring Minds Therapy, the areas of CBT that we work with are

as follows:

Please click on a specific area below for further information on it.

      -  spiders

      -  animals (such as dogs)

      -  vomiting

      -  blood, needle.

      -  travelling (such as planes)

Please note, if your symptoms are not described here, then you can still contact me to discuss whether CBT could help you.